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Kerppola Lab Research on Nucleoprotein Complexes

By analyzing the configurations of nucleoprotein complexes using gelFRET analysis (Leonard, 1998), we found that ATF2-Jun heterodimers bind in both orientations to the interferon-beta enhancer in association with IRF3 and HMGI (Burns, 2012).

By visualizing multiprotein complex binding on polytene chromosomes using BiFC analysis, we found that the dKeap1-CncC xenobiotic response complex binds and regulates developmental genes and controls Drosophila metamorphosis (Deng, 2014)

By mapping the genome-wide locations of KAP1 and Ring1b binding in ES cells, we found that both KAP1 and Ring1b bind and regulate a large proportion of the genes that are induced or repressed during embryonic stem cell differentiation
(Cheng, 2014).