Kerppola Lab Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

We welcome inquiries from highly qualified postdoctoral fellows who are interested in joining our laboratory.  Since you have opened this page, I assume that you have familiarized yourself with our research described in the other sections of this web site and our Publications.  You should be aware that the information on these pages represents past research and that the research interests of the laboratory are continually changing as new members join the laboratory. 

A career in research requires training in a wide range of skills, encompassing scientific, management and people skills among others.  Our laboratory includes trainees at many different stages in their careers who have a wide range of scientific backgrounds, research interests and professional goals.  Please contact me to start the discussion how your background, interests and goals would meld with those of our laboratory.

Inquiries with the names and contact information for three references can be sent to  I make an effort to respond within a few weeks and to determine whether postdoctoral training in our laboratory would be mutually beneficial within a month after receiving your application.