Kerppola Lab Research on Nucleoprotein Complexes

By mapping the genome-wide locations of KAP1 and Ring1b binding in ES cells, we found that both KAP1 and Ring1b bind and regulate a large proportion of the genes that are induced or repressed during embryonic stem cell differentiation (Cheng, 2014).

By analyzing the configurations of nucleoprotein complexes using gelFRET analysis (Leonard, 1998), we found that ATF2-Jun heterodimers bind in both orientations to the interferon-beta enhancer in association with IRF3 and HMGI (Burns, 2012).

By visualizing multiprotein complex binding on polytene chromosomes using BiFC analysis, we found that the dKeap1-CncC xenobiotic response complex binds and regulates developmental genes and controls Drosophila metamorphosis (Deng, 2014).